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Ball Bearing Cages – Metric (6-2503-81)

U.S. Guided Parts 151
Ball Bearing Cages - Metric (6-2503-81)
Ball Bearing Cages - Metric (6-2503-81)
Ball Bearing Cages - Metric (6-2503-81)

Ball Bearing Cages – Metric (6-2503-81)

DANLY-IEM standard Ball Bearing Cages for guide pillar

  • product nameball cage
  • MaterialPlastic, aluminum, copper, steel
  • standardmisumi,fibroo,danly
  • applicationball guide post set for die sets
  • supportOEM ODM
  • TypesWith card slot, without card slot
  • Type: Accessory
  • Bushing Type: For ball cages
  • Material: Aluminum
Product features
1. Steel ball bushing-the number of steel balls for high rigidity type is about 1.6 times that of ordinary type steel ball bushing
2. The increase in the number of steel balls makes the contact surface between the product and the guide pin and guide sleeve larger, and the rigidity is greatly improved
3. The products are made of resin and aluminum alloy, and customers can choose flexibly according to actual conditions of use

Common product problems
1. Which one is more durable, aluminum alloy or resin?
Resin bushing is suitable for high-speed punching and is not easy to generate dust. Aluminum alloy has better wear resistance, but it is easy to produce aluminum foam when used for high-speed punching, which affects product life.
2. Can steel ball bushings be made non-standard? 
If the required length is not the standard length, you can choose follow-up processing. If other sizes need to be non-standard,our company can make non-standard production as required.
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